Top 7 Places to Enjoy Camping | Dubai & Nearby Cities 

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Top 7 Places to Enjoy Camping In Dubai And Nearby Cities

Amidst the isolated beaches and deserts, camping can be a lot of fun and provides you with a serene and mesmerizing spot to live your life to the fullest. Dubai conjures images of sky-high buildings, hopping festivals, sports car racing, luxury hotels, museums, and recreational parks. But it is renowned and named as the land of deserts that is famous for camping.

As a memorable holiday destination, you can select from various seaside, coastal, forest, mountains, and deserts for camping. Deserts are an integral part of Dubai that dominates their Arabian lifestyle. Whether you are a tourist or a Dubai resident, we’ve compiled various desert camping locations for you to help you make a conscious choice to spend an unforgettable day.

Explore The Most Ideal Desert Camping Sites For Perfect Holidays

Short-term camping doesn’t require permits in Dubai, however, you need approvals from the authorities for long stays. Before you go camping, let us tell you the essentials you must take along as the pro tip including battery chargers, food, water, torches, medicines, tent, blankets, warm clothing, first-aid, an extra pair of clothes, and trekking gear or boots.

1. Al Dhafra | Where Desert Meets the Sea

Al Dhafra Where Desert Meets the Sea

Al-Dhafra Beach is the most wonderful location for camping in Dubai which meets Abu Dhabi from the side. At this spot, the desert seamlessly merges with the sea, providing you with a spectacular view for overnight camping. With hundreds of kilometers of coastline, this is a well-rounded outdoor destination for various activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Also, you can try their fishing, grilled fish, or snapper on your BBQ grill. In crystal clear water, you can spot a few turtles and a beautiful site to capture and take great photos.

Location: Jabal az Zannah – Road – Al Sila’ – Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates

2. Al Qudra Lakes | An Oasis in the Desert

Al Qudra Lakes An Oasis in the Desert

Another hidden gem in Dubai’s desert landscape is Al-Qudra Lake which is a getaway from the bustling city life of the United Arab Emirates. Located a mere 30 minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates, it offers two different settings one of which is a traditional desert and the other one is a beautiful oasis. Camping here is simply brilliant as you can spot wild camels in the early morning along with other sea creatures. You can spend unforgettable moments admiring the beautiful swans, and flamingos by the water. This lake is home to 26 identified species of reptiles and 360 bird species.

Location: Al Qudra Road (D63), accessible via Dubai Al Ain (E66) or Emirates Road (E611).

3. Hajar Mountains | Majestic and Picturesque

Hajar Mountains

Hajar mountains, which are evenly spread between Oman and UAE are the photographer’s paradise due to the picture-capturing scenery it offer from dawn to dusk. For hiking, trekking, and camping, these mountains are the worthwhile destination to select. It is one of the free camping sites that leave you in awe with its cinematic appearance and breathtaking view. At this spot, you can find the perfect pitch for camping overnight while capturing mesmerizing moments. You can discover Dubai’s wildlife here along with the most picturesque views to admire.

Location: Northeastern Oman and the eastern United Arab Emirates.

4. Banan Beach | Luxury Camping in Ras Al Khaimah

Banan Beach Luxury Camping in Ras Al Khaimah

For daytime camping, you won’t find another best destination in Dubai than Banan Beach. It is the most cozy space that has recently relocated to Ras Al Khaimah. You can experience luxury tent camping here with manifold facilities including private pools, tents, lofts with jacuzzis, and pet-friendly chalets. The resorts at this beach are now offering fully facilitated night camping as well so that guests can barbeque together in a warm environment, enjoying starry nights. Aside from camping tents and five chalets, you can enjoy 12 water sports at this amazing beach location.

Location: Jebel Ali, Nad Al Sili – Ras al Khaimah – Dubai- United Arab Emirates

5. Fujairah | East Coast Beauty

Fujairah East Coast Beauty

It is known as the most secluded spot with magnificent vistas of beaches and mountains, located on the east coast of UAE. With the facility of setting tents on its shores, it is a perfect place for overnight camping. The best attraction that awaits adventurers in Fujairah is snorkeling and exploring the underwater world, enchanting visitors with their natural beauty. Aside from night camping, you can cherish the unforgettable experience of taking a nice swim at any time. Also, a lifetime memorable affair with nature will await you there with less salty waters, surrounding mountains, and cool temperatures.

Location: Gulf of Oman (part of the Indian Ocean), Dubai, Northern Region Of Emirate

6. White Sands Beach | Affordable and Scenic

White Sands Beach

For camping enthusiasts, one of the best destinations to stay overnight is white sand beach which is located between Wadi Shab and Fins. It is the most affordable spot where you can set up your tents over a sandy cliff. By lying down on the shores, you can enjoy the serenity of nature at this location. In addition to that, it is famous for several water sports. You have plenty of opportunities to enjoy there including diving, snorkeling, fishing, and paddleboarding. It is an amazing sight where you can spend the night while glazing the stars.

Location: In between Fins and Wadi Shab, United Arab Emirates

7. Fossil Rock, Sharjah | A Desert Wonderland

Fossil Rock, Sharjah

Fossil Rock stands out as the best spot for camping It is surrounded by rocky paths, unique landscapes, and massive dunes. Here you will discover the exclusivity of desert bird life that is in an uncountable range in overall surroundings. Not just this place is good for camping and adventurous locations but also perfect for bagging and buggy rides. With rock and sand mountains, it allows you to set up a tent in between, creating an ideal desert wonderland. You can add this spot to your checklist for overnight camping in summer with ideal temperature conditions.

Location: Near Mleiha, an hour’s drive from Sharjah city, United Arab Emirates

Beach Camping in Dubai | Embracing the Coastline

Beach Camping in Dubai

For experiencing a night of dreams, camping at the beach sites is one of the greatest adventures you can have. There are various beach areas with coastline to select for camping overnight. Among the beach camping options, you can pick Jumeirah, sunset, JBR, Dubai Islands, b lack palace, Sufouh, La Mer, Marina, and Mercato Beach which can be the dream destinations of anyone looking to cherish an adventurous night. The soothing sound of waves and the sight of the rising sun leave a significant impact on the mind for a lifetime.

Location: Jumeirah, Muzmar, and Marina Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Closing Line!

Dubai is an international tourist space because of the majestic and incredible visiting spots with no comparison in the world. When you are specifically looking for a location to enjoy desert camping in Dubai (the land of deserts), there are hundreds of options to select according to your personal preferences. To make your selection easier, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing and popular spots for camping visits.

Being a traveler enthusiast, you can visit Bedouin camp, white sand beach, Sharjah fossil rocks, Jebel Al Jais, Hajar mountains, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain beach, Al-Qudra lake, Al-Dhafra beach, and Khasab sea tours. Additionally, Jebel Al Jais, Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam, Liwa, and Acacia Forest are the most fascinating desert camping locations in Dubai.

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