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Rubber Floor Tiles

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Rubber Floor Rolls

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Get Unique and Latest Styles Of Our Rubber Flooring

Baniyas Furniture is the top-rated platform providing highly serviceable floors for commercial and residential spaces. We provide rubber flooring installations to boost workout efficiency, create a comfortable surface, and protect everyone against sudden falls. With our rubber floors, you will get:

Additional Comfort

Our rubber floors are the timeless choice to add maximum comfort to your fitness centers. These floors provide an ideal surface for playing, exercising, and walking.

Appealing Look

You can add visual interest and style to your commercial gyms with our exclusively designed floors featuring unique patterns and colors.

Noteworthy Perks Of Our Luxurious Rubber Flooring

Manifold Design Options

For rubber floors, there are plenty of design, pattern, and texture options available to select for every interior design.

Scuff & Scratch Resistant

These floorings are resistant to stains, scuffs, and scratches, and can easily withstand heavy gym equipment.

Easier Maintenance

Easy Upkeep Routine

We provide low-maintenance floors in Dubai to prevent the hassle of daily cleaning, hence saving your money, time, and effort.

Best Rubber Floor

Shop For Our Durable Rubber Flooring At Cheap Rates

We provide you with waterproof rubber floors at pocket-friendly rates. Our high-performance outside rubber flooring Dubai is resistant to all sorts of damages. Our inexpensive rubber flooring offers:

Resistance Against Discoloration

Reduction of Walking Noise

Resistance Against Impacts

Our Flooring Gallery

Best Rubber Flooring Dubai

Get To Know The Finest Construction Of Our Rubber Flooring

We provide you with an entirely functional and convenient-to-handle flooring solution made from synthetic rubber and recycled materials. Our rubber floors are eco-friendly, robust, and heavy-duty and provide outstanding serviceability for many years.

Thickness Levels

Get Free Swatches

Unique Color Options

Versatile Textures

Perfect Rubber Flooring Dubai

Areas Of Applications Of Our Versatile Rubber Floors 

We’ve got you an entirely value-for-money rubber floor treatment to improve the efficiency of your workout spaces. Our durable flooring is ideally serviceable for athletic areas, sports facilities, and playgrounds. Additionally, these floors are the best choice for industrial spaces like warehouses. You can also get these floors installed in retail stores, garages, and healthcare facilities. These soft and durable floors will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your fitness centers.

Our Expert Handymen Provide The Best Flooring Installations

Get precise installation services from our skillful professionals to fit your rubber floors. We have certified specialists to provide flawless fitting of rubber floors in your home-based and commercial gyms. Our installation services are meant to provide you with long-lasting and comfortable surfaces for all sorts of physical activities.

Design Customizations

Get Expert Consultations

Repair Treatments

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Baniyas Furniture is the customer-centric platform providing the finest rubber flooring services. We provide exceptional quality rubber floor treatments for commercial and home-based gyms, garages and playgrounds.

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