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#1 Custom Sofa Set Dubai
Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

Bed Sofas

Bed Sofas

Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo Sofa

Corner Sofa

Corner Sofa

Lounger Sofa

Lounger Sofa

Stunning Custom Sofa Set Dubai

Exceptional Designs!

Discover Contemporary Designs For Custom Sofa Set Dubai

If you are looking for a custom sofa shop near me, Baniyas Furniture is the right choice to go for. We provide premium quality sofas in diverse styles, unique shapes, gorgeous colors, and eye-catching layouts. Despite the finest quality, our custom sofa prices are low.

Leather Sofa Set

We provide high-quality and durable leather sofas, featuring luxurious textures and classy colors.

Wooden Sofa Set

Our wooden sofas are constructed from a range of softwood and hardwood species.

Endless Benefits!

Diverse Features Of Our Custom Built Sofas

unique style

Unique Furniture Style

Our sofas come with exclusive styles and finest framings to provide greater comfort.

Accuracy & Precision

Accuracy & Precision

Your personalized sofas are crafted ensuring ultimate accuracy at every point.

Long-Term Favorable

Long-Term Favorable

We provide custom sofa covers Dubai to maintain the appearance and longevity of your sofa.

Top Quality Custom Sofa Set Dubai
Versatile Custom Sofa Set Dubai
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Offer A Variety Of Materials For Personalized Sofas

Give your spaces a luxurious touch with our sofas made with premium-grade materials. We provide sofas built from heavy-duty leather, wood, metal, and iron. Besides these materials, you can select from a stunning range of upholstery materials including leather, silk, cotton, velvet, and polyester. You can have:

Custom sofa framing

Ideal supporting materials

Custom Padding & Upholstery

Our Accomplishments

Durable Custom Sofa Set Dubai

Reasonable Prices!

We Provide Affordable Treatments Of Sofa Customizations

It’s time to design your homes and offices with our perfectly customized sofas. Being the best sofa suppliers, we aim to provide premium-quality essentials at affordable rates. Whether you select a wooden sofa or go for an upholstered one, we ask for reasonable prices for every sofa type. You can get cheap sofa set for every space including commercial ones too:





healthcare centre

Healthcare Centers

Customized Sofas
Best Custom Sofa Set Dubai

Add Greater Comfort To Your Homes With Our Customized Sofas

You can incorporate an excellent level of comfort to your residential places like villas, apartments, and penthouses with our custom sofas. We provide super comfy sofas with innovative upholstery and framing options. Whether you are looking for a sofa design Dubai for a balcony or want to uplift your patio styling, we provide customized sofa sets for every space. You can also get sofa covers online from us.

Our Craftsmen Create The Ideal Sofa Sets For Embellishment

Give your indoors and outdoors a timeless makeover with our sofas that are crafted to excellence by our experts. Our renowned craftsmen manufacture each furniture piece using robust materials. Keeping the latest trends, styles, and client’s visions in mind, we always construct an ideal sofa for every requirement. In addition to our personalized furniture services, you can get:

Helpful Consultations

Free Design Samples

Price Estimates

Long-lasting Treatments

Classic Custom Sofa Set Dubai

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Why Prefer Us For Custom Sofa Set?

Baniyas Furniture is the top-tier source to get customized sofa pieces for your home embellishment. Our customized furniture services are meant to provide you with maximum comfort and ease.

Manifold Design Options

Unparalleled Designs

Matchless Crafting

Finest Finishing

Rapid Delivery

Prompt Delivery


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

For customized sofas, you can select metal, wood, and aluminum. Additionally, silk, cotton, linen, wool, hemp, leather, microfiber, suede, and polyester are the best upholstery materials.

Yes! Your sofa can be personalized in terms of size and shape. You can select the sofa size as per your room dimensions and layout.

The lead time to create a custom sofa can vary depending on the materials, size, shape, and design. Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to over a month to customize a sofa.

To get a customized sofa, reach out to Baniyas Furniture store online. Discuss your design requirements with our manufacturers, check out samples, and place an order for quick treatments.

Yes! We provide guarantees and warranties over customized sofas. Our warranty cards contain detailed information about the longevity period along with maintenance tips.

Yes! You can select any kind of upholstery fabric including leather for your customized sofa set. We provide real or faux leather of high quality for sofa upholstery.