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Style Up Your Spaces With Our Round Rugs Dubai

Elegant round rug with intricate patterns in a cozy living room
Hand-Tufted Rugs

Hand-Tufted Rugs

Machine Woven Rugs

Machine Woven Rugs

Flat Woven Rugs

Flat Woven Rugs

Round Shag Rugs

Round Shag Rugs

Round Wool Rugs

Round Wool Rugs

Modern round rug in a minimalist dining area

Find Your Perfect Circular Rugs From Our Wide Range in Dubai

Baniyas Furniture proudly presents the latest selection of durable circular rugs for the instant style infusion of your homes. You can get mesmerizing outcomes out of your investment by having our unique-shaped rugs. Our round rugs are made of different synthetic and natural materials and their blends, and available in all sizes, colors & patterns.

Round Textured Rugs

Our textured rugs with curved or tufted lines perfectly blend with the aesthetics of almost every residential setting.

Round Vintage Rugs

You can choose our rugs with abstract patterns and classic designs to align with your lifestyle and existing decor.

The Amazing Versatility Of Circular Rugs

Corporate Offices

Our rugs can perk up the decor of your business place, emphasizing the curved structures of the room.


You can add the sensation of style and comfort to your boutiques, creating an adoring impression on the visitors.

Living Space

Our coziest and most contemporary rugs make every circular object stand out from the rest of the space.

Vibrant colored round rug in a contemporary home office
Soft, plush round rug in a stylish bedroom setting
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We Offer Round Rugs In All Material Options

Create a haven of comfort with our plush custom-made round rugs from various synthetic and natural materials. For these rugs, we have extensive material options including wool, shag, silk, acrylic, jute, sisal, polyester, and polypropylene. In addition to that, you can pick from the range of design choices for each because we’ve:

Appealing patterns & textures

Pile Height Or Density

Minimal To Detailed Layouts

Our Latest Round Rugs Design

Neutral-toned round rug in a serene and modern bedroom

Worthwhile Perks of Shopping Round Area Rugs

Beautify your residential and commercial spaces with our modern-style rugs. Our circular rugs with luxurious profiles make a focal statement in your space. You can get them in many colors, materials, styles, face weights, and thicknesses.

Vibrant Colors

Premium Materials

Customizable Options

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Bold and colorful round rug in a playful children's room

Shop Luxury Round Rugs at Unbeatable Prices!

Give your spaces a graceful touch with our sophisticated customized round shade outdoor rugs. We provide custom rugs with promising durability because they are made from robust materials. You don’t have to be stressed over the costs of these premium-quality custom rugs because we are selling them with a reasonable price tag. Contact us right now to reserve your order for rugs!

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Why Reach Out To Us For Round Rugs Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture has achieved the benchmark of providing high-quality floor-covering accessories at affordable prices. Our round shade rugs with trendy colors and styles are an excellent addition to your residential and commercial space in Dubai.

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Custom Treatments

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