Terms And Conditions

This page is about the terms and conditions for our company which the users and customers must know before making any online product/feature/service purchase from us. Users can avail all of our services by following all the given protocols and general conditions. Following is the user-end agreement which provides all the information about the contractual rights of our customers. In order to obtain our available products and services, it’s mandatory for the customers to take into account all our terms and conditions.

Products And Services

Baniyas Furniture is the online company that provides premium-quality home improvement and decor products in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The high-end images available on our official website represent the available products, accessories and services as well as our former home improvement accomplishments (projects). They are meant for a clear-cut user visualization and to aid them with the selection of products, features, and services. The major home decor product ranges available at our platform are window treatments (curtains and blinds), hard floorings, soft floorings (rugs, carpets and mats), furniture, storage solutions and upholstery fabrics.

Custom Made Products

Other than predefined/ready-made products, our customers can also get customized/personalized home improvement facilities and products from us through negotiations about requirements. Our customers will get all of the products and services according to the following criteria:

  • If the user only wishes to purchase the material/fabric for a furniture/storage/window treatment/soft flooring/hard flooring/upholstery, the company shall provide it according to the parameters and requirements specified by the user.
  • If the user wishes to get a complete treatment of windows/floors/furnishing/storage, the company shall provide intended area/space/object measurements, installation of the product chosen by the user, product delivery and design customizations.
  • Once the user has confirmed the customized product and/or servicing, we shall send the product(s) and professionals for the treatment/furnishing/designing/repair/fixing/addition work.

Order Processing

Customers can interact with Baniyas Furniture online store in following ways:

  • Order Via Email

Customers can send an email at info@baniyasfurniture.aeand they shall receive an immediate response from the customer care representatives. Users can negotiate about their concerns or queries, request a quote, and/or place an order.

  • Order Via Phone Call

Customers can communicate with us through a phone call (tel:+971 55 472 2980and are requested to provide correct details of all the products, accessories, and services they wish to get. The company (Baniyas Furniture) will not be responsible for any inaccurate details/data/information. Once the users confirm their order, our representative will clearly repeat all the order details for verification purpose and for the prevention of any misconceptions or misinterpretations.

  • Order Via Message

Customers can send us a message by filling out the form available at our official website and they shall get immediate responses. The users can send all of the details of their order, specified requirements, and any attachments (if desired) in the message contents.

Cancellation Policy

Our order cancellation policy contains flexibility, except for any error in the manufacturing process from our side. However, this is not applicable for customized products and accessories. In case the customers notice any manufacturing flaw from our side after product delivery, they must notify us within 3 business days.

For this purpose, the users need to provide a clear photograph or video describing the defect(s) along with reporting the problem description. The customers will be subjected to consequences in case they refuse to pay in a COD (cash-on-delivery) setting. Moreover, if the customers receive a defective or damaged product (the product gets damaged during delivery), they will get a replacement (redesigning, error/damage rectification, etc.) at the company’s expense.

Return Or Refund Policy

The refunding policy is only applicable if the product is not manufactured or designed according to the specified requirements of the users or if the build quality is dissatisfactory.

The customers will be notified once we receive the returned product and they’ll get a full refund with dedicated payment methods. A damaged product can also be delivered to a nearby showroom of Baniyas Furniture in case of any damage or defect.

Payment Methods

Following are the applicable payment methods when users buy any product/accessory or hire a service from our company:

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer

Conditions For Order Cancellation 

Following are the contractual rights of the company in case an order needs to be declined:

  • Orders from regions or countries where our delivery services are not available.
  • Unavailability of the product/accessory/service demanded by the user.
  • Typographical errors of guidelines.
  • Incorrect pricing information.

It is highly advised for the users to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of our company before making any purchase or hiring any service, in order to avoid any inconvenience or unpleasant circumstances. Going through the guidelines regarding our company’s limitations and services will ensure an easy and smooth shopping experience for our customers.