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Wooden Venetian Blinds Dubai

Uplift Your Space Functionality With Our Venetian Blinds Dubai

Baniyas Furniture has come up with an ultimate treatment of Venetian shade for windows which is the best match for all interior settings. Our wooden Venetian blinds Dubai with horizontal structural profiles can be operated in manifold directions. These blinds are manufactured with top-quality materials like wood, plastic, PVC, and metal.

The heavy-duty metal blinds are composed of overlapping and adjustable horizontal slats that come in different widths and are operated via wands.

Shop Premium Quality Venetian Window Blinds

Our Venetian window blinds are expertly crafted to provide superior light control, privacy, and style, offering a range of materials to suit your discerning tastes and interior design requirements.


Our wooden venetian shades are the most wonderful choice for rustic and traditional style interiors. These blinds are hard-wearing, valuable and cost-effective.


We provide high-quality vinyl venetian blinds which can also be used in moisture-prone areas and outdoors. These blinds come with versatile finishes. 


Our venetian Bamboo shades are a wholly unique and highly eco-friendly and sustainable choice. These blinds are easy-to-maintain and create natural decors.


These blinds feature adjustable narrow slats for effective room darkening and insulation. You can expect years of serviceability from these hard-wearing venetian shades.

Noteworthy Aspects Of Our Venetian Blinds Dubai

Perfect Light Control

Our Venetian-blinds feature precisely adjustable slats, enabling exact regulation of luminosity and illumination within the room.

Effortless Operation

It is straightforward to operate these blinds via cords and chain systems. You can operate these blinds in almost all directions to control light and privacy.

Highly Durable

Our blinds are incredibly durable because they are manufactured from robust materials, making them the perfect choice.

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Shop Customized Venetian Blinds Dubai

Create your dream interiors with the utmost functionality & privacy by getting customized Venetian-style blinds. Our Venetian roller blinds come in plenty of colors, finishes, slat sizes, materials, and textures to create harmony with the existing interior decor accessories. For custom-designed blinds, you can:

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Our Recent Venetian Blinds Project

Vertical Venetian Shades For Large window

Make Your Any Space Stand Out With Our Versatile Venetian Shades

Now you can buy Venetian-style blinds online for the nicest ornamentation for your living and business places. We provide Venetian blackout blinds for thorough control over light and privacy by adjusting the slats to the desired space. Besides commercial offices, you can install these blinds in:

Home Kitchens

Coffee Shops

Study Rooms & Libraries

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Book Us For Expert Venetian Blinds Installation for a Perfect Finish

Bring a touch of sophistication to your interiors with our top-rated installation services. Our certified team comes with the requisite tools and is equipped with the knowledge to ensure smooth and secure Venetian-style blind installations in Dubai. Besides the deep understanding of each aspect of blind fitting, they provide repair services for any damaged or broken slat.

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Flawless Fixing & Repair

Long Term Serviceability

Adjustable Venetian Shades Blinds in UAE
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Why Choose Us To Buy Venetian Blinds Dubai

Baniyas Furniture is a famous supplier across Dubai for supplying innovative Venetian-style window coverings at affordable rates. Our prime concern is the excellent improvement of your commercial and residential spaces. We are serving customers with top-notch amenities including;

Custom Solutions

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Venetian window blinds are made of high-quality Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, Faux Wood and Vinyl. All these material options are known to be extremely durable, aesthetically versatile, heavy-duty, damage-resistant and low-maintenance, hence offering cost-effective blinds.

Yes, we provide all kinds of size and shape customizations of venetian window shades for odd-shaped windows and those with particular sizes. You can get venetian shades for bay, arched, angled, awning, curved and all other windows, skylights, sliding panels and doors.

Dust the blind slats thoroughly with a feather duster or a soft fabric. Occasionally, you can carry out a damp wiping by using warm water and mild detergents. However, avoid using water for wooden blinds, instead only dry wipe them. The blinds can also be detached for deep cleaning.

Yes, venetian window shades are excellent at maintaining privacy. These blinds come with adjustable slats to regulate incoming light and get complete or partial room darkening. Moreover, these blinds can also be adjusted for light filtering without compromising privacy.

Start by marking bracket positions on the walls and aligning your brackets with them. Screw the brackets into the wall with the help of a drill. Screw the brackets into the wall, followed by clipping the blinds in the right spots. Finish off by installing the safety device and testing the blinds.

Of course! Venetian window blinds are one of the most energy-efficient window treatment options and they can help with an effective and all-natural temperature regulation. These blinds can be used to insulate interiors, to prevent heat from entering and to adjust the amount of airiness in the rooms.