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Custom Wool Rugs

Custom Wool Rugs

Custom Silk Rugs

Custom Silk Rugs

Custom Shag Rugs

Custom Shag Rugs

Custom Jute Rugs

Custom Jute Rugs

Custom Sisal Rugs

Custom Sisal Rugs

Customized Area Rugs Abu Dhabi

Uplift Your Interior Style With Our Custom Rugs Dubai

If you are looking for custom made rugs near me, Baniyas Furniture is the ultimate specialist of personalized rugs. We provide indoor and outdoor custom made rugs in the UAE for maximum comfort provision and instant styling. Our rugs feature unique styles and fascinating shapes to beautify the whole space.

Modern Rugs

We provide modern rugs in jute, wool, and sisal materials with geometric patterns, floral prints and various texture options to adorn your interiors.

Persian Rugs

You can get authentic custom-made Persian rugs from us, featuring intricate patterns, unique layouts, and medallion styles.

Limitless Perks!

Advantageous Features Of Custom Made Rugs Dubai


Pleasant Environment

We provide non-toxic and VOC-free rugs Dubai to create healthy air quality in homes.

Added Insulation

Added Insulation

Our rugs are the timeless choice to improve the energy efficiency.

Utmost Comfort

Added Insulation

Buy our plush and modern rugs in Dubai to enhance the level of coziness and warmth.

Leaf Shape Colorful Rugs Dubai
Handcrafted personalized floral design rug
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Offer A Diverse Range Trendy Customized Rugs in Dubai

Baniyas Furniture presents an extraordinary variety of custom rugs to add a touch of uniqueness to your interiors. We provide rugs made of wool, cotton, polyester, silk, and polypropylene materials. You can browse the extensive styles for rugs to pick the best ones

Variety of Patterns

Plenty Of Shapes

Variable Thicknesses

Our Sumptuous Custom Rugs Gallery

Top Quality Customized Floor Carpet

Our Sublime Quality Rugs Last For Longest Time Spans

Give your home and office an instant makeover by placing our stylish rugs. We provide the best quality round rugs with high and low pile heights to withstand every level of foot traffic. You can shop for our plush rugs In order to achieve any desired level of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort.

Long-Term Favorable

Long-Lasting Coverings

Customer Satisfaction

Unparalleled Comfort

visual appeal

Visual Appeal

Leading Suppliers Of Custom Made Rugs
Long lasting Plain texture Rugs in UAE

Our Customized Rugs Are The Perfect Fit For Every Space

Glorify your indoors and outdoors with our uniquely woven rugs. We have an expert team to weave custom rugs for outdoors of every style following the latest approaches. Besides, you can also get machine-woven rugs according to ongoing trends and your taste. For bespoke rugs, you can select any style, shape, texture, or pattern that aligns with the interior design of your living room, workplace, or kitchenette.

Our Experts Provide Best Rugs For Outstanding Interior Styling

Are you looking for purposeful home improvements? We provide you with a timeless solution to incorporate functionality, style, and comfort into your residential and commercial areas. Our online rug store has a tremendous range of rugs with trendsetting colors, eye-catching designs, and unique patterns. Our excellent craftsmanship creates the rug of your dreams and visions. Whether you choose handmade options or machine-woven ones, our Area rugs ensure performance and durability for many years straight.

Skillful Craftsmanship

Exceptional Quality

Design Versatility

Unique Customizations

Stunning Custom Made Rugs Dubai
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Why Select Us For Custom Made Rugs Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture is the leading custom rug store in Dubai providing timelessly beautiful floor-covering essentials. You can get custom-made rugs in Abu Dhabi in your favorite design and shape. By choosing us, you’ll get:

Perfect Customizations

Unique Home Styling

Long-lasting Comfort

On-time Shipping

Notable Feedback From Clients


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

To order a custom-designed rug, discuss your design, color, and shape requirements online with the team of Baniyas Furniture. You can also customize the rug size to suit your space style. We provide personalized rugs to your doorstep after perfect manufacturing.

For custom-made rugs, you can select from a variety of materials including wool, velvet, silk, polyester, polypropylene, shag, jute, and sisal. Additionally, you can select leather or cowhide rugs to add a unique style statement.

The lead time varies depending on the size and type of custom made rug. Additionally, it depends if you are buying hand-woven or machine-made rugs. Usually, it takes between 3 weeks to a month to create a custom-designed rug for any space.

Yes! For customized rugs, you can select any desired shape from a variety of options available including square, round or oval, semi-circular, octagon, hexagon, and irregular ones. Additionally, you can customize the rug size based on the space dimensions.

Cleaning rugs requires the availability of dedicated tools and materials. You can make a solution of water and mild detergent in a large tub and soak your rugs in it. After some time take them out and clean them with a soft brush to eliminate the stains (if any). Rinse with clean water and let them dry.

Handmade rugs are considered the most eco-friendly options. This is because they are made of natural, recyclable, and sustainable materials. Some popular eco-friendly rug options are jute, sisal, bamboo and organic cotton.