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Furnish Your Dream Space With Custom Made Tables Dubai

Modern custom-made dining table with Custom Chairs
Handcrafted wooden table with intricate carvings

Shop High-Quality Custom Made Tables At Baniyas Furniture in Dubai

Baniyas Furniture provides premium quality essentials to add instant comfort and beauty to your interiors. We provide customized tables for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and study rooms. Additionally, you can order custom tables online for admin offices, healthcare facilities, and libraries.

Vintage-Style Tables

We provide traditional tables to add a classy look to your spaces, improving the overall aesthetics.

Modern Tables in Dubai

Our contemporary tables with storage are the center of attraction for every space, offering ultimate convenience.

We Offer All Types Of Customized Tables

Console Tables

Dining Tables

Foldable Tables

Coffee Tables

Conference Tables

Outstanding Features Of Our Custom Tables

Manifold Design Options

Personalized Design

We provide one-of-a-kind tables to match the bespoke statement of the user, featuring a unique appearance.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our custom made Abu Dhabi and Dubai tables are created using robust, Design and durable materials.

Accuracy & Precision

Enhanced Functionality

You can optimize the usefulness of your space with our custom made vanity, coffee, and study tables.

Custom-designed small space Study table
Rustic reclaimed wood dining table
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Revamp Your Residential And Commercial Space With Our Bespoke Tables

Looking to transform the style of your residential and commercial spaces? Buy unparalleled quality tables & custom chairs from our online store. Our tables are constructed from heavy-duty synthetic, natural, and composite materials. We provide every kind of table including:

Gateleg Table

Refectory Table

Drop-leaf Table

Gateleg Table

Refectory Table

Drop-leaf Table

Our Personalized Table Layouts

Custom-designed Scandinavian-style Custom Table For living Room

Broad Ranges!

Personalize Your Table with Our Custom Options

We have the most fascinating materials, shapes, finishes, and styles available for tables. Our customized tables blend well with the aesthetics of every interior. For personalization, you can select any construction and framing materials.

Wooden Tables

Glass Tables

Marble Tables

Custom Made Tables Sale Banner
Handcrafted custom oak dining table

Benefits Of Our Custom Made Tables in Dubai

Add the utmost visual interest and style to your living and working spaces with our innovatively manufactured tables. By incorporating our custom-made computer table & sofa set in your study or employee’s rooms, you can noticeably optimize work efficiency. We also provide dining tables for restaurants, banquets, kitchens, and gardens to improve dining experience. Additionally, we provide a custom-made dressing table with a storage facility to help you store all your essentials.

Why Choose Baniyas Furniture For Custom Made Tables Dubai?

We provide finely designed customized tables to suit every space and style. Whether you are searching for a conference table for an office or a dining table for your kitchenette, our statement pieces will provide you with design individuality. Our adept artisans manufacture durable tables to ensure the best value for your money. Alongside tables, you can order custom made table covers for enhanced beauty and serviceability.

Sleek Finishes

Unique Patterns

Wonderful Colors

High-quality Materials

Bespoke live edge wood dining table with metal legs

Amazing Feedback From Clients

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

A customized table is designed exclusively for your bespoke statement. From material type to design selection, each aspect of the table matches your unique visions and latest trends. Additionally, customized tables are more durable than pre-made ones.

There’s an enormous range of materials available for customized tables. These materials are solid wood, plastic, ceramic composite, and marble. Additionally, you can pick faux marble, glass, granite, and medium-density fiberboard.

Well, it depends on the material type, designs, and size of the table. A small sized table can be created in one week. While large-sized ones like conference tables can take about 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes! You can definitely personalize the shape and size of your table according to area requirements. You can select any desired shape from round, oval, semi-circular, rectangular, and many other options. Additionally, the size can be customized to accommodate a maximum number of people.