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Cozy living room with a beige shaggy rug
Modern bedroom featuring a white shaggy rug

Decorate Your Space With Our Plush Shaggy Rugs Dubai

Baniays Furniture is a leading fluffy rugs store in Dubai, providing a trendsetting variety of floor accessorizing solutions. We provide a wide variety & customized shaggy rugs Dubai to sync with all decor themes. Our rugs go well with:

Sophisticated Flooring

To give your spaces a sophisticated touch, our shaggy carpet rugs are the best element to add to your floors.

Traditional Touch

We provide shaggy floor rugs for the beautification of any space. Our rugs perfectly suit your traditional style of decor.

Variety of Fluffy Rugs Available

High Pile Shag Rugs

High Pile Shag Rugs

Low Pile Shag Rugs

Low Pile Shag Rugs

Neutral Shag Rugs

Neutral Shag Rugs

Shag Wool Rugs

Shag Wool Rugs

Shag Real Fur Rugs

Shag Real Fur Rugs

Buy Customized Fluffy Rugs For Personalized Decor in Dubai

Create a peaceful sanctuary of elegance and comfort with our custom shaggy rugs Dubai. We have a specialized team with decades of experience in constructing carpets per the user’s unique requirements. For shag rugs, you can try our free samples to pick the desired color, size, shape, and pile height. Our personalized services are meant to provide you with masterpieces tailored to space dimensions and your aesthetic taste. Now you can adorn your spaces like never before with our custom rugs. For rugs, we offer the customization in terms of:

Colors and Styles

Textures and Thicknesses

Sizes, Shapes and Designs

Shaggy rug in a bohemian-style living room

Extraordinary Benefits Of Our Shaggy Rug

Enhanced Comfort

Our rugs are made up of soft fibres to add the sensation of extreme cosiness.

Added Insulation

These rugs improve the energy efficiency of any space, protecting the loss of heat.

Extensive Variety

We have a range of patterns and textures available for these rugs to spruce up your decor.

Elegant heart shape black fluffy rugs for contemporary living space
Colorful shaggy rug in a child's playroom
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Sustainable Construction Of Our Shaggy Rugs Dubai

Buy shaggy rugs for the unique ornamentations of your home. Our rugs are made of a variety of materials including wool, leather, faux and real fur, and acrylic. You can also get them with the most popular fiber options of polyester and polypropylene. Our fluffy round rugs feature a long and dense pile with a rich sheen, creating calm and cozier surfaces to walk over.

Fade Resistant

Highly Durable

Energy Efficient

Fade Resistant

Highly Durable

Energy Efficient

Our Shaggy Rugs Design Collection

Shaggy rug creating a cozy atmosphere in a small apartment

Our Fluffy Rugs Are Versatile to Fit in Every Space

Our fluffy carpets and rugs are ideal for enhancing both residential and commercial spaces. Elevate your living rooms, study areas, and bedrooms with our stunning designs. In commercial settings, our modern rugs create an inviting ambiance that customers will appreciate. Consider adorning other areas such as:

Reception areas

Conference rooms

Dining areas

Retail stores

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Baniyas Furniture has got you an exquisite collection of shaggy carpets & rugs to give an alluring look to your interiors. With our soft rugs, you can uplift the luxury and charm to the fullest. Our rugs make a unique style statement in your interiors.

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