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Persian Rugs Dubai, UAE
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Persian Wool Carpets

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Persian Cotton Carpets

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Persian Floral Carpets

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Persian Medallion Carpets

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Hunting Style Carpets

Persian Rugs Dubai, UAE

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Buy Our Durable & Affordable Rugs To Add Glamor To Floors

Are you looking for Persian Rugs In Dubai? Baniyas Furniture is your one-stop source. We provide you with eco-friendly rugs to give your home floors a mesmerizing look. With our rugs, you can make an impressive or long-lasting impression on guests. You can place our antique rugs in:

Residential Spaces

With these vintage rugs, you can redefine any specific part or seating area of your home, improving the space’s ambiance.

Working Places

Because of the adaptability to design, elaborate colors, and specific patterns, our rugs are ideally suitable for business places.

Perks & Pros!

Astonishing Benefits Of Purchasing Our Persian Carpets and Rugs

Exclusive Designs

We provide carpets and rugs that hold cultural significance, featuring medallion, floral, and intricate patterns.

Valuable Investment

Our antique rugs provide long-lasting benefits. Not to mention, these rugs enhance the aesthetic.

Added Insulation

Our soft and plush carpets and rugs keep your feet warm and act as natural insulators, preventing heat loss.

Dubai Persian Rugs
Dubai Persian Rugs, UAE Persian Rugs
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Our Persian Carpets and Rugs in UAE Add Instant Style Infusion To Your Spaces

Buy our Oriental Persian Rugs and Carpets to make make your spaces a haven of charm and comfort. Our rugs and carpets sync ideally with any sort of interior setting whether contemporary or traditional. To uplift the beauty and home functionality, you can buy our high-performance vintage rugs that stand up well against heavy traffic, keeping their fiber height maintained.

Damage Resistant

Unmatched Versatility

Essential Features of Cybersecurity

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Persian Rugs Dubai, UAE


We Have The Skilled Weavers To Make Oriental Rugs

Our oriental rugs are designed by our experienced weavers using sustainably sourced materials. To make the rug’s and Carpet base, a number of wefts are passed through wraps on the power loom. Each knot of these rugs is firmly tied which further becomes the rug’s pile. In the standard manufacturing of our rugs, different natural materials are used that are as follows:

Real Silk

Natural Wool


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Persian Rugs Dubai

Our Best Customized Rugs Suit Any Space Aesthetics

Being the top-notch supplier of Persian Rugs and carpets Dubai, we offer you an exclusive service of custom-tailored rugs. Now you can give your spaces a balanced look matching with any statement piece through our custom carpet designs. We will provide you with rugs crafted according to your bespoke color, size, and design statement. Our personalized services are meant to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your space. 

Our Trendy Oriental Rugs Can Be Placed At Any Area

Give your homes and offices an astonishing appearance with our rugs designed to serve as the focal statement. We provide unsurpassed quality Persian rugs with style distinction to bring timeless allure to your spaces. You can adorn living rooms, dining spaces, study rooms, and bedrooms with our vintage-style rugs. Besides that, our rugs will make a unique statement if placed in your patios, decks, gazebos, and pergolas. Additionally, you can adorn your multi-media or conference rooms with these aesthetically pleasant rugs. Our rugs and carpets feature:

Intricate Patterns

Soft Textures

Varied Pile Heights

Wide Color Variety

Persian Rugs Dubai, UAE Persian Rugs

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Baniyas Furniture is your trustworthy partner for traditional area rugs to glorify your interiors. Our high quality rugs are exclusively made to add the sensation of comfort, delight, and practicality to your commercial and residential spaces.

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