GET 100% Natural Grass Carpets in Dubai

grass carpets in dubai
Narrow Leaf Carpet Grass

Narrow Leaf Carpet Grass

Broadleaf Carpet Grass

Broadleaf Carpet Grass

Carpet Grass Thickness

Carpet Grass Thickness

Carpet Grass Pile Height

Carpet Grass Pile Height

Carpet Grass For Landscaping

Carpet Grass For Landscaping

modern grass carpets

Improve Functionality

Our Durable Grass Carpets Make Any Area Stand Out

Baniyas Furniture brings the best floor covering treatment to add timeless efficiency to your spaces. Our Outdoor Grass Carpet are constructed from premium materials to hold up well in high-traffic areas. You can install these carpets in:

Grass Carpet For Balcony

Our natural-looking carpets can add a soothing vibe to your spaces with their aesthetic appeal. You can elevate your balcony look with these carpets.

Carpet Grass For Patio

To give a renewed look to your patio and decks, you can purchase our artificial grass carpets Dubai. These carpets can withstand outdoor use perfectly.


Astounding Features Of Our Synthetic Grass Carpet

Looks Great All Year

Our fake grass carpets look fresh and renewed all year round because they are made from synthetic materials.

Cost Saving Option

These carpets provide long-term cost-saving benefits because they don’t require watering, mowing, and cutting.

Easier Maintenance

With unbothered maintenance and cleaning routines, our carpets are best for both indoor and outdoor use.

Grass Carpets Dubai
Dubai Grass Carpets

We Supply High-Quality Grass At Reasonable Prices

Get the best build quality grass to enhance the value and practicality of your commercial and residential places. Whether you buy these carpets for sports locations or your home garden, we provide you with them at an incredibly low price range.

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Grass Carpets in UAE

Finest Crafting

Our Artificial Grass Carpets are Distinctively Made For Embellishments

We provide natural grass carpet Dubai made from strong and durable nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene materials. Our carpets are a worthwhile investment for both styling and functional terms. For these carpets, you can choose from a range of green colors and sizes according to your landscaping and indoor environments.

Different Thicknesses

Pile Density Or Height

Backing or Infill Materials

Grass Carpet UAE

We Personalize Grass Carpets To Your Specific Requirements

Every space has its own unique layout, therefore, we offer you the customization treatment for carpet grass. You can transform your indoors like hallways, entryways, and stairs by customizing the size of these carpets. Besides that, to add a natural and soft look to an exterior place, you can personalize the carpet grass color, thickness, and pile height. We also provide the infill materials of specialized rubber and silicon sand and underlayment to provide additional support and enhance the lifetime of these carpets.

Buy Our durable Grass CARPETS in Dubai

Call Our Experts For The Doorstep Grass Carpet Installations

Are you finding the best carpet installers near me? we ultimately got you covered. You can entrust your fake grass installation task to our well-experienced workers. We fix the best drainage system for the perfect water flow for everyday use and in the rainy season. You can also buy the best quality rubber or silicon sand infill materials at low rates.

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Why Should You Choose Us For Grass Carpets Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture is Dubai’s leading workshop for providing premium build carpeting treatments for indoor and outdoor floor ornamentations. You can add a natural vibe to your residencies and commercial locations with our fake turf carpet.

Best Custom Solutions

Highly Durable Products

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, grass carpets are artificially fabricated with multiple synthetic materials such as fibrils, nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene for blades, backing, and infill.

Using grass carpets in home decor provides a lot of benefits, such as interior theme improvement, natural green lush ambiance, and comfortable under-foot feel.

Installation of grass carpets requires proficient skills, innovative techniques, and tools. For flawless installation of grass carpets, you can contact our professional team.

Yes, of course, grass carpets can be used for outdoor places such as balconies, lawns, decks, or restaurants due to their weather and fading-resistance nature.

No, grass carpets don’t require any special maintenance. However, for long-term durability and sustainability, regular cleaning is required to remove debris particles.

The suitability of grass carpets for high-traffic areas depends upon their quality, fiber pile, density, and thickness. Our durable grass carpets are highly suitable for high-traffic floor surfaces.