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We Offer Trendy Linen Sheer/ Blackout Curtains

For a highly functional window styling, we have a wide variety of linen fabric curtains. We craft these curtains in every type of color contrast to beautify your interior with perfect color. You can also hang our curtains in multiple styles such as eyelet, grommet, pleated, or motorized as per your style.

Aesthetic Value

The unique textures and versatile patterns of these curtains also enhance the aesthetics.


To enhance the functionality, you can also install the motorized system for linen-fabric curtains.

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Home Window

Cover Home Windows

To style the windows of your living rooms and bedrooms, you can hang linen-fabric curtains.

Office Window

Cover Office Windows

For office windows, you can utilize blackout linen fabric curtains to enhance the privacy factor.

Hotel Window

Cover Hotel Windows

To enlighten the hotel room’s interior, you can cover windows with sheer linen fabric curtains.


Highlighted Benefits Of Our Linen Window Curtains

Our linen window curtains provide mind-blowing and desirable benefits.

  • By utilizing our stylish curtains, you can maintain the interior temperature either in summer or cold weather.
  • Moreover, these curtains also allow filtered sunlight to enter the room for eye-catching illumination effects.
  • The thermoregulatory and light filtering effect of curtains ensures the energy efficiency of your home and office.
  • We craft curtains with heavy-duty and resilient linen fabric material for their longevity and sustainability.
  • These custom-made curtains require very little effort for maintenance and cleaning due to stain resistance.

Experience Our Linen Fabric Curtains With Their Unique Ways Of Hanging

We design our curtains with heavy-duty linen fabrics to provide a highly functional window styling. Our linen blackout and sheer curtains enhance the functionality of your window due to their amazing effects. Besides aesthetic value, our durable curtains can also improve the energy efficiency and thermal insulation of your interior space.

Our curtains are moisture-resistant so you can style them even in your basements for styling purposes.
To enhance the softness and style, cover your bedroom & living room windows with our high-quality curtains.

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Types And Styles

Types Of Our Highly-Functional Linen Curtains Dubai

Blended Linen

Our blended linen fabric curtains are highly favorable for hanging in outdoor areas such as decks & patios due to their weather-resistant features.

Blackout Linen

To enhance the darkness in your living room, bedroom, hotel room, or office, you can hang our blackout linen-made drapes.

Sheer Linen

To style the interior with filtered light, you can cover your windows with our high-quality and luxurious sheer linen-made drapes.

Voile Linen

Our voile linen drapes are highly textured and soft for luxurious and aesthetic window treatment of living rooms and bedrooms.


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For linen fabric curtains fixing, accessorizing, customization, and alteration, we have a professional and experienced team. We also provide a free sampling of linen fabric curtains for customer satisfaction and pre-order experience. For precise finishing of the window covering, we offer a huge range of personalization.

Utilize innovative techniques and tools for fixing.
Provide services for window area measurements.
Also, provide a professional maintenance guide.

Why Choose Us?

Baniyas Furniture is the leading supplier of best quality and stylish Linen curtains in Dubai. We ensure durability, style, and complete customization. 

Provide various linen fabrics for curtains.

Hire us online for curtain treatments in Dubai.

Get expert curtain installation services.

We offer custom linen window covers for you.

Ensuring #1 Quality curtains at affordable bills.

Also offering accessories to align your linen drapes.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Because linen is a fabric, carries closely-packed thread structure, hence can bear stains and frequent washes without losing its intact nature. It stays longer than expected due to its structural integrity and resistance properties that makes it a wonderful choice for window covering.

Linen window covers grab dirt particles hence it is necessary to follow a daily care routine for enhancing their practicality. Whenever your linen fabric curtains catch any stain, better to wash it with a mixture of lukewarm water and a mild detergent to regain its luxurious appearance.

Thick linen can be machine washed with no fear of losing its appearance but for thin linen fabric, hand wash with proper care is recommended.

As linen is made of closely-packed thread structure, these curtains not only block outdoor light but also absorb outdoor invasive sounds per their fabric thickness therefore help create a calm atmosphere.

Linen curtains frequently get wrinkles which is why they can ruin the entire interior decor. This situation can be handled with proper tumble dry or ironing.

The Dubai market is loaded with an endless variety of linen window coverings. You can get every color tone and evergreen pattern in this texture following your specifications or your place’s interior decor.