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Office Nylon Carpets

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Acrylic Office Carpets

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Upgrade Your Workspace With Our Premium Office Carpet Dubai

Baniyas Furniture is the leading supplier for buying modern carpets for office embellishment. We provide an excellent crafted carpet to add extraordinary comfort and practicality to your office through our innovative carpeting solutions. We stock a wide variety & of styles of carpets for your Dubai offices.

Office Carpet Tiles

You can add timeless beauty and texture to your business place with our carpet tiles for offices.

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To give your workspace entryways and hallways a subtle touch, we provide high-quality runner carpets and rolls.

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We Offer Extensive Variety Of Office Carpet Dubai

Shop for our commercial carpets to enhance the grace and functionality of your space. Whether you choose silk, vinyl, shag, polyester, olefin, wool, nylon, or sisal carpets, we’ll provide you with all carpets at affordable prices in Dubai.

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Benefits of Having Our Carpet in Your Office

Enhanced Aesthetics

Our Luxury carpet designs can transform the overall layout and vibe of your places instantly.

Noise Reduction

You can get a calm environment with no distractions as our carpets will absorb the sound.

Comfort & Insulation

Not only do these carpets add coziness but also improve the level of energy-efficiency in a place.

Luxury Office Carpet

Shop Our Versatile Modern Carpets For Office

Give your workspace environment a touch of comfort and elegance with our premium-quality office carpets Dubai. Whether it’s a boardroom or a hallway, our high-performance carpets are perfect for the grand welcome of customers. You can add timeless allure and value to your workspace by installing our sustainably manufactured wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai.

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Our Remarkable Carpeting Services For Office

Free Inspection Appointment

Free Inspection Appointment

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Long-lasting Treatments

Long-lasting Treatments

Our Office Carpet Project

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We Provide Custom Made Carpet For Office At Competitive Prices

Beautify your office interior look with our affordable made-to-measure office floor treatment in Dubai. We have a wide assortment of fiber materials, color tones, patterns, and texture options to create a unique expression. We have skilled artisans to bring your visions to life with unmatched precision. You can get the carpet size, shape, and style personalized for excellent office ornamentations. Approach us today for the custom carpet journey!

Book Our Experts For Flawless Office Carpet Dubai Installation Service

Give your corporate offices a touch of style and comfort with our carpet installation services. We have a rich history of fitting carpets. We have been keeping a track record of our exceptional office-carpet installation services. Our services are meant to improve the overall vibe of your offices.

Carpet Fixing Treatments

Experience Installers.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal commercial carpet should be comforting, insulating, wear and tear resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, fire resistant and colorfast. Besides, office carpets should have minimal patterns, prints and designs and neutral or pastel colors.

One of the best choices for commercial interiors is a low-pile nylon carpet as it can withstand high foot traffic and can last long. Additionally, if you want something luxurious, you can go for wool carpets that appear extremely attractive. Polypropylene carpets are also heavy-duty options. 

Some of the best maintenance practices for workspace carpets is to use chair mats to prevent impact damage and scratches, doormats to keep dirt and debris away and avoid eating and drinking on top of carpets. Besides, regular cleaning should be ensured to keep major damages at bay.

When maintained properly, office floor carpets can last for up to a good 20 years. Regular vacuuming and careful usage are necessary to maintain the beauty of commercial carpeting and to make it last long. Besides, accurate installation also impacts the overall lifespan of the carpet. 

Yes. We have multiple eco-friendly and non-toxic carpet options available at our store. These include Bamboo, Jute and Sisal carpets which come from all-natural and sustainable sources. These carpets are the most beneficial choice for people with respiratory problems and/or allergies. 

When it comes to commercial-grade carpeting treatments, the best approach is to hire a professional to do the job. Professional installers ensure the perfect floor preparation and flawless carpet fitting, right according to the interior’s condition. Moreover, they help save money and time too.