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Custom Rocking Chair

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Luxury Custom Made Chairs Dubai

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Our Customized Chairs Add To Every Room’s Usefulness & Style

Looking for interior and exterior home improvement? Baniyas Furniture provides you with a timeless solution to enhance comfort, elegance, and practicality with durable chairs. Our chairs are built using highly resilient materials to last for a long time span. Also, we provide custom-made chair covers for protection purposes.

Wooden & Leather Chairs

Buy our unique leather upholstered and wooden chairs to add a chic vibe to your indoors and outdoors.

Aluminum & Metal Chairs

Our aluminum and metal chairs are the best choice to enhance the visual appeal of all commercial areas.

Boundless Perks!

Noteworthy Aspects Of Our Custom Made Chairs In Dubai

Boost Comfort

Our chairs are the timeless essentials to improve the overall functionality and comfort of every space.

Improved Health

These chairs are helpful in relieving back and neck pain, providing maximum support to the posture.

Easier Maintenance

Easy To Maintain

Our damage-resistant chairs are extremely easy to care for, providing the best value for money.

Modern Custom Made Chairs Dubai
Perfect Custom Made Chairs Dubai

Our Carpenters Design Statement Chairs For Interior Styling

Trust the top-notch carpenters of Baniyas Furniture for the incredible craftsmanship of chairs. We provide custom made dining chairs as per your liking and style statement. We are experts at all innovative style chairs, such as mid-century modern ones. Our customized chairs are a visual representation of your ideas and lifestyle.

Quality Materials

Attention To Detail

Unique Styling

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Stunning Custom Made Chairs Dubai

Unique Styles!

Create Classy Dining Space With Our Modern Chairs In Dubai

We provide vintage-style or contemporary chairs to make your dining experience better. Our brand stocks trendy chairs with unique shapes, color varieties, upholstery designs, and robust framings. Here are some areas of application for our sophisticated dining chairs.




Top Notch Custom Made Chairs
Reliable Custom Made Chairs

Elevate Your Living Or Workspace Style With Our Affordable Chairs

Give your business place a renewed look with our leather office chair Dubai. We provide ideally serviceable ergonomic chairs for additional comfort and convenience. Our chairs are specifically designed considering the health perspectives of the users in mind. Whether you incorporate our chairs in the living room or conference room, we assure you of the comfort and functionality enhancements. You can select your favorite style of office chairs for sale in Dubai to suit any interior design.

Explore Diverse Styles For Personalization Of Chairs

Glorify your residential and commercial spaces with our relaxing chair Dubai. We provide the finest range of chairs for the timeless styling of every indoor and outdoor space. You can browse from our extensive chair designs to make the ideal statement in a balcony, living room, study room, garden, patio, and deck. For outdoor chairs Dubai, you can select from metal, plastic, and iron materials. To add comfort indoors, you can pick fabric upholstered custom made leather chairs. For personalizations, you can select:

Ideal Chair height

Supporting Materials

Upholstery Fabrics

Favorite Color

Versatile Custom Made Chairs Dubai

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Why Select Us For Custom Made Chairs Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture provides stylistically versatile and functionally stable chairs to add an instant touch of sophistication to your interiors. We provide premium-built chairs for every space at budget-friendly rates.

Unique Crafting Approach

Style Customizations

On-Time Shipping

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

To order your customized chair, all you have to do is book an online appointment to discuss the design and size details with our manufacturers. Your selected design will be finalized for crafting and delivered to your doorstep after perfect finishing.

Yes! You can personalize your chairs in every aspect including material, color, shape, style, and size. Additionally, the upholstery designs, backings, and armrests can be customized to your liking. You can also order foldable or adjustable chairs for your convenience.

For custom made chairs, different wood species are teak, beach, oak, and cherry wood. Aside from that, upholstery materials include cotton, polyester, brocade, velvet, and silk. Additionally, supporting materials involve the use of metal, iron, aluminum, wood, and plastic.

Daily dusting with an upholstery attachment is a crucial part of maintenance and care. For deep cleaning, make a soapy solution, use a damp cloth, and wipe off the settled dirt. Avoid excess water contact and UV exposure to maintain the chair’s appearance.

Cleaning rugs requires the availability of dedicated tools and materials. You can make a solution of water and mild detergent in a large tub and soak your rugs in it. After some time take them out and clean them with a soft brush to eliminate the stains (if any). Rinse with clean water and let them dry.

The sustainability of the customized chairs is entirely dependent on the quality materials used in their construction. Plastic chairs can last for 8 years, wooden chairs can last for more than 12 years, and metal, laminate, or stone chairs will offer the serviceability of over 15 years.

Of course! You can provide materials for customized chairs. Whether it’s a metal, wooden, or leather material, we create the stylistically versatile, functionally stable, and comfortable piece of your bespoke statement.