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Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wood Oak Flooring

Wood Oak Flooring

Wood Maple Flooring

Wood Maple Flooring

Wood Cherry Flooring

Wood Cherry Flooring

Wood Mahogany Flooring

Wood Mahogany Flooring

Wood Walnut Flooring

Wood Walnut Flooring

Wooden Flooring Dubai, UAE

Incredible Quality!

Improve Your Home’s Usability With Our Sturdy Wood Floors

Discover a new world of sophistication and practicality with the classic flooring treatments provided by Baniyas Furniture. We provide wooden flooring expertly crafted by our specialists to create durable, heavy-duty, and comfortable surfaces to walk over. We provide low-maintenance floors at budget-friendly rates.

Improved Home Value

You can add worth to your villas, apartments, and penthouses with our wood flooring services in Dubai.

Added Insulation & Warmth

Enjoy the sensation of improved comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency with our sumptuous wooden floors.

Notable Attributes!

Perks Of Having Our Wooden Floors Installed In Your Spaces

Style & Variety

Our outdoor wooden flooring Dubai adds visual interest to your spaces, creating luxury and timelessly beautiful surfaces.

Strength & Durability

Our flooring is manufactured from synthetic and natural blends of materials, featuring multiple layers to ensure resilience.

Easy Cleaning & Upkeep

With non-hectic cleaning and maintenance requirements, this flooring is the perfect choice for busy households.

Classic Blackout Curtain
Wooden Flooring

Explore The Design Diversity Of Wooden Flooring

Explore the diversified styles of our wooden flooring and give your spaces a beautifying touch. Our flooring creates the perfect decor statement, aligning ideally with every interior setting whether it’s modern, classic, or vintage. For this contemporary flooring, you can pick from:

Plenty of Color Tones

Thickness & Size Ranges

Patterns & Texture Options

Our Distinctive Gallery Of Flooring

Contemporary Wooden Floors

Manifold Options

Extensive Material Choices For Contemporary Wooden Floors

To renovate your living spaces with our sophisticated flooring, you have dozens of material choices available. You can decide on any among the various wood species including teak, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, pecan, and others. Each wood species choice features distinctive structural attributes and unique profiles.

Wooden Planks

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Tiles

Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai

We Sell Versatile Floorings With Added Durability

Transform your spaces by adding our wood floors to them. We provide you with high-performance and hard-wearing floors to adorn any indoor or outdoor space. Our premium engineered hardwood, parquet, or solid wood floors can be installed in hospitals, banquets, libraries, banks, boutiques, and corporate offices. Besides that, you can renovate your kitchen, study rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms with our incredibly favorable wooden floors.

Our Team Offers With Installation Projects of Wooden Flooring

The purchase of a valuable and luxury wooden flooring treatment requires adept installation from the best fitters. We’ve completely got you if you are looking for a skillful flooring installation service. You can dynamically revamp your commercial and local places with our seamless floor fitting amenities. Our experts with vast experience and extensive knowledge can install floorings on any kind of surface. You can have improved overall functionality and aesthetics with our exemplary wooden flooring repairing services.

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Wooden Flooring Installation

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Why Entrust Us For Wooden Flooring Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture presents to you an exquisite wooden flooring treatment to add value to your residential and commercial properties. Our entirely functional and long-term favorable wood flooring is the finest choice for home embellishments.

Favorable Investment

Versatile Choices

Custom Solutions

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

We use a broad range of solid and engineered wood materials for crafting our wooden floorings such as Oak, maple, pine, ash, cherry, walnut, bamboo, birch, and hickory.

Basically, Solid wood is 100% hardwood while engineered wood is plywood. Moreover, solid wood is thick with a single pile as compared to engineered wood which comes in multiple pile layers.

Yes, our wooden flooring can be installed over existing flooring of either stone or tiles. For the installation of wooden material over any other floor, our experts employ the interlocking system.

Yes, our wooden flooring materials can resist water and moisture due to their unique craftsmanship. We usually apply a protective layer over the wooden flooring that can resist water to some extent.

The expected lifespan of wooden flooring is 20-25 years. However, the average life of wooden flooring is influenced by some vital factors such as wood quality, proper installation, and care.

Yes, our wooden flooring is a good choice if you have pets at your home. Wooden material has hygienic and scratchless features that can maintain a hygienic surface on your floor for pets and children.