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Polyester Sheer

Chiffon Sheer

Gauze Sheer

Polyester Sheer

Chiffon Sheer

Gauze Sheer

Silk Sheer

Silk Sheer

Cotton Sheer

Cotton Sheer

Living Room Sheer Curtains Dubai

Design Living Room

Beautify your living room by installing our printed thin-fabric curtains following your room’s decor color theme.

Bedroom Design

Design Bedroom

Our sheer glassy curtains ensure spacious and peaceful bedroom space due to filtered and optimized light.

Home Office

Design Home Office

Cover the windows with our best-quality sheer drapes to make your home office more airy and enlightening.

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Our Sheer Fabric Curtains
& Their Way Of Use

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We craft our sheer drapes with superior-quality, lightweight, and transparent sheer fabrics such as chiffon, polyester, gauze, silk, net, linen, or organza. Besides, the eye-catching texture and pattern, our curtains also resist stains and dust to reduce the maintenance effort.

Hang our light filtering curtains in layering with thicker curtains to enhance the window style and functionality.
You can also hang our sheer fabric curtains as window scarves for a luxurious and modern look.


Core Benefits Of Our Multi-functional Sheer Window Curtains

Our sheer fabric curtains exhibit additional benefits for users

  • By hanging these curtains in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, and hotel, you can enlighten the space due to its effective light filtration feature.
  • We craft our curtains with high-quality sheer fabric to resist dust and mildew particles, ensuring an allergy-free interior space.
  • Our durable and porous curtains allow the air to be exchanged for effective ventilation in both residential and commercial places.
  • Our sheer window curtains also require little effort for maintenance and cleaning due to excellent dust, stain, and mildew resistance.

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Popular Types Of Our Transparent Sheer Curtains

  • Chiffon Sheer Curtains: These premium-quality window curtains give out a crisp, attractive, and luxurious look, which is great for spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Sheer Organza Curtains: These curtains are made from Silk or synthetic fabric blends and feature a beautiful sheen, excellent for creating a luxurious interior.
  • Voile Sheer Drapes: These lightweight and attractive-looking curtains are made from high-quality Cotton or Polyester and are a great choice for casual-style interior decor.

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Affordable Sheer Curtains Dubai

What We Do

Expert Installations For Sheer Curtains | AT 20% OFF

Approach our experts for flawless installation of sheer fabric curtains at affordable rates in Dubai and nearby cities. We craft our curtains with precise techniques to ensure proper finishing. In addition, we have a huge collection of stylish and durable hardware and accessories.

Online Bookings

Hire our experts online for the installation of your sheer window curtains.

On-Time Servicing

We expertly install the entire curtain range following on-time serving manners.

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You can approach our experienced team online for any further queries regarding curtain fabric options and styling.

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Offering Long-Lasting Curtains For Mind-Blowing Sheer Effect

At Baniyas Furniture, you’ll come across the widest and most functional ranges of sheer window curtains. Our classy and long-lasting sheer drapes are ideally suitable for both residential and commercial spaces and they can be used outdoors too. 

Indoor Places

For modern window styling and amazing sheer effect hang our drapes in your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, and hotel rooms. 

Outdoor Place

To style your patio, balcony, and doorways, our curtains are an excellent choice to go for. Buy our curtains online to get a Flat 20% Discount.

Why Choose Us For Sheer Curtains?

Being a top supplier of sheer fabric curtains, Baniyas Furniture has a wide collection of sheer fabrics for crafting stylish and luxurious curtains.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sheer curtains are an outstanding window covering solution, making your place’s interior well-defined with their fabric texture and patterns. Also, protect your furniture and accessories from fading by filtering outside radiation.

Sheer curtains are fabricated with lightweight and transparent materials to reduce the intensity of sunlight. These curtains provide a lighting effect and a soft interior look to your place.

The purpose of sheer curtains is to reduce the light intensity coming from outside and enhance the room’s elegance. Moreover, these elegant curtains can also be used for layering (curtain styling).

Yes, of course, sheer curtains provide excellent privacy during daytime by adding an extra layer that can create hindrance in outside observation.

Yes, of course, sheer curtains can block light to some extent because of their transparent nature. They can diffuse the light intensity and block the harmful rays.

For crafting sheer curtains, a lot of high-quality fabric materials are available, such as viole, linen, chiffon, lace, brocade, or cotton. You can choose any material as per your budget and preferences.