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Leather Upholstery

Leather Upholstery

Velvet Upholstery

Velvet Upholstery

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Cotton Upholstery

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Polyester Upholstery

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Silk Upholstery

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We Restore Your Furniture’s Look With The Best Upholstery Solutions

Are you looking for suitable furniture upholstery shops near me? Baniyas Furniture has completely got you. We are passionate about creating masterpieces that suit every user’s unique requirements. Our furniture upholstery serves for the longest periods of time, maintaining sleek profiles and providing maximum comfort.

Modern Upholstery Designs

We are experts at transforming your old and boring sofas into modern ones with elegant makeovers.

Affordable Price Range

We kept all our furniture upholstery pricing low, helping you with affordable home decor upgrades.

Mind-blowing Features

Notable Perks Of Getting Your Furniture Upholstered By Us

Long Term Elegance

We provide a variety of upholstery materials for the ornamentation of your indoor and outdoor furniture.

Additional Comfort

We restore your furniture’s look through padding, webbing, and spring additions, creating the comfiest seating.

Easy To Upkeep

Care and maintenance of our upholstered furniture is extremely easy and cheap as well.

High Quality Furniture Upholstery
Furniture Upholstery
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Revamp Your Furniture Elements With Exemplary Upholstery Solutions

Adorn your homes and offices with our finely upholstered furniture elements. We provide flawless treatments for redesigning every furniture piece, restoring its comfort and allure. With our upholstery and reupholstery treatment, you can preserve your antique pieces for the longest periods of time.

Variety of Fabrics

Manifold Designs

Variable Sizes

Our Gallery of Excellence

Furniture Dubai

We Provide Budget-friendly Furniture Refurbishments

If you are looking for cheap furniture upholstery repair near me, we’ve got you entirely. We also provide customized treatments for the upholstery of furniture. You can select any desired foaming, springs, webbing, and framing for your sofas and chairs. For the upholstery of sofas, you can select premium leather material with unique backing designs. Additionally, we provide:

Treatment for defiled furniture

Recovering and Refabricating

Frame Replacements

Furniture Upholstery
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Discover Broad Range Of Upholstery Materials For Customization

Experience utmost allure and comfort by selecting your desired furniture upholstery materials for personalization. We have a wide range of upholstery materials available that will ideally suit your existing furniture styles. For instance, you can buy linen, cotton, suede, polyester, and velvet for upholstery materials. Additionally, we provide faux or real leather furniture upholstery to add a chic vibe. Also, you can pick from various wooden finishes for the supporting materials of furniture.

We Have Skillful Artisans For Furniture Upholstery Treatments

You can transform the entire look of your furniture with our one-of-a-kind furniture upholstery services. We have well-trained handymen with decades of experience to reupholster each piece with utmost care and precision. Understanding the sentimental value of your furniture pieces, we offer exemplary services blending meticulous craftsmanship and unique designs. Our premium upholstery services are meant to breathe new life into your cherished furniture pieces.

Attention To Every Detail

Finest Quality Materials

Dedicated Experts

Timeless Treatments

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How Our Clients Appreciate Our Services

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Why Must You Select Us For Furniture Upholstery Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture has been providing an exclusive service for the extraordinary revival of your existing furniture. We provide luxury upholstery treatments to uplift the aesthetics and comfort of your furniture essentials.

Innovative Designs

Exceptional Quality Materials

Customized Solutions

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