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Wear layer of oak hardwood provides a natural look and feel
Cross-section showing engineered wood's multi-layer construction

We Deliver The Best Quality Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai

Baniyas Furniture provides high-end floor treatment to give your interiors a perfect finishing touch. Our flooring treatment is built from premium quality hardwood and plywood. These contemporary floors are almost identical to hardwood floors because of their rich texture and appearance.

Versatile Edges & Finishes

These floors feature various finishes including lacquered, oiled, brushed and smoked to prevent UV damage.

Resistant To Moisture

These finely manufactured floors hold up well against moisture, spills, and stains. Additionally, they don’t swell or contract based on temperature fluctuations.

Different Types Of Our Engineered Flooring

HDF Engineered Floors

HDF Engineered Floors

Ply Core Engineered Floors

Ply Core Engineered Floors

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered Hardwood Floors

3-Ply Engineered Floors

3-Ply Engineered Floors

Parquet Engineered Floors

Parquet Engineered Floors

Technical Specifications of Our Engineered Wood Flooring

Our engineered wooden flooring features a genuine hardwood top layer, crafted to provide a luxurious and sophisticated finish that withstands the demands of daily life. With limited sanding and refinishing capabilities, this wear layer ensures a long-lasting beauty.

The core and bottom layers are precision-engineered for stability and strength, resisting warping and movement caused by environmental changes. This innovative design guarantees a durable and long-lasting flooring solution that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

High-quality maple veneer offers durability and elegance

Excellent Features & Benefits Of Our Engineered Wood Flooring

Variety Of Styles

Our luxury engineered floors come with manifold finishes, stains, and layouts to create a unique appearance.

Strength & Durability

These floors are characterized by multiple layers such as protective, core, and wear layer, ensuring utmost resilience against heavy use.

Easy Maintenance

Minimal maintenance and effortless cleaning are the best features of our floors.

Top layer of walnut hardwood on engineered flooring
Cherry hardwood wear layer delivers rich color and texture
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer Multi-Functional Engineered Flooring At Cheap Price

We provide exceptionally designed, multi-functional, and eco-friendly engineered floor treatment at amazingly low rates. You can select from a range of finishes, textures, and color tones to make the floors align perfectly with the interior design of your space. We provide these low-maintenance engineered parquet floors for every usage scenario.

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Multi-layer engineered wood provides durability and beauty

Add Notable Styling To Every Space With Our Engineered Wood Flooring

Our premium hardwood and plywood flooring solutions are designed to excel in various environments, providing unparalleled versatility and performance. Our engineered flooring adapts seamlessly to your needs, offering a sophisticated and durable foundation for your interior design. With its exceptional strength and resistance to damage, our engineer linoleum flooring is the perfect choice for high-traffic areas and heavy-use applications. Experience the ultimate in versatility and transform your space with our exceptional flooring solutions.

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Engineered Wooden Flooring

Personalize Your Interior with Our Custom Engineered Flooring

Restyle your residential and commercial spaces by customizing floors according to your major needs. We provide ideally serviceable options for wood floors to incorporate the best level of efficiency into your spaces. You can get your hands on any desired finish, color, and style for this flooring for personalized interior beautification. Our engineered wood floor treatments are manufactured using premium materials. You can be sure of the extensive serviceability of our engineered wood flooring Dubai.

Enjoy Timeless Comfort With Our Finest Floor Installations

Get your commercial and residential interiors embellished with our solid wood flooring installation services. We provide you with the most experienced installers of flooring for an excellent upgrade of your spaces. You can enhance the serviceability, worth, and decor of your spaces by getting the wooden flooring perfectly installed by our experts. We ensure the perfect installation by inspecting the area condition and taking appropriate measurements. You can create the most functional space by attaining our excellent services.

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Engineered wood flooring with a luxurious top hardwood layer
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Baniyas Furniture is a client-oriented brand providing premium-grade real wood flooring services for the functional upgrade of all spaces. Our engineered wood flooring treatment is designed with excellence to improve your lifestyle.

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