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We Deliver The Best Quality Curtains For Hotel Embellishments

Create a unique and inviting ambiance in your spaces with our hotel curtains in Dubai.  The excellent craftsmanship, flawless stitching, and finishing make our curtains the versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor places.

Hotel Curtains For Indoors

You can embrace printed or patterned curtains for hotel rooms. We have trendy color options for curtains that align with the hotel’s aesthetics perfectly.

Hotel Curtains For Outdoors

For the terrace or balcony of your hotels, we present you curtains with minimal designs and soft colors that uplift the beauty instantly.


Compiled Benefits Of Having Curtains In Dubai Hotels

Ability To Control Light

Guests or visitors can adjust the curtains to their preferences to create a cozy place to relax, uninterrupted.

Improved Space

The whole aura and appearance of your hotel rooms can be transformed with just the right set of curtains.


Our hotel-style curtains are adaptable to temperature fluctuations because they can endure weather conditions.

Experience Comfort With Our Luxury Hotel Curtains Dubai

Now you can dine or breathe in the most comfortable environment with our modern curtains for hotel rooms. Our curtains made from linen, wool, cotton, sheer, velvet, and opaque fabrics are purely functional masterpieces for your five-star hotels.

Wide Range of Styles & Materials

Various Patterns & Textures Options

Distinct Size & Color Choices

Our Marvelous Collection For Hotel Curtains

Hotel Room Curtains

Drapes Fitting Services

Timelessly Enhance Functionality With Adept Installation Services

Give your hotels and banquets the finest makeover with our adept installation services. You can add the required comfort and enjoy the seamless hotel room transition through our state-of-the-art installation services.

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Why Should You Choose Us For Hotel Curtains Dubai?

Baniyas Furniture is your premier platform to buy window treatments that are blended with functionality and timeless elegance. Our exceptional services extend beyond just providing curtains because we provide curtain customization and installation services, ensuring they are hung correctly and function seamlessly.

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Consider Us For The Seamless Personalization  Of Hotel Curtains

Baniyas Furniture offers fully customized services for hotel drapes to create welcoming environments that reflect the character and standard of your hotel. With our custom window treatments, you can create the desired ambiance in your hospitality industry.

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