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Ornate mosque carpet with intricate floral designs
Luxurious blue mosque carpet with geometric patterns

We Offer All Variety of Mosque Carpet in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Baniyas Furniture stocks an extraordinary range of carpets for the ornamentations of mosques. We provide customized carpets that sync with the overall mosque interior setting and accommodate a maximum number of people. You can get intricate patterns, highlighted spacing borders, and a range of textures for Mosque carpets Dubai.

Handwoven Prayer Carpets

Our hand-knotted prayer carpets will be the ideal yet practical addition to your sacred places.

Machine made Carpets

Our machine-made stylish carpets will create the most durable and cozier surfaces to worship in the mosque.

Types Of Carpets For Masjid

Mosque Wool Carpets

Mosque Wool Carpets

Mosque Nylon Carpets

Mosque Nylon Carpets

Mosque Polyester Carpets

Mosque Polyester Carpets

Mosque Silk Carpets

Mosque Silk Carpets

Mosque Acrylic Carpets

Mosque Acrylic Carpets

Notable Aspects Of Our Luxurious Mosque Carpets

Amazing Versatility

Our custom masjid carpets Dubai will enhance the overall comfort and scenario of your prayer rooms.

Improved Insulation

Our handwoven carpets for mosques are best for noise insulation and temperature regulation in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Long Lasting Treatment

The great tensile strength makes our Unique and Luxury carpets best for intense use, keeping their shape maintained.

Elegant blue mosque carpet with gold accents
Soft red mosque carpet with traditional motifs

Uplift Your Mosque Interior With Our New Design Carpets For Masjid

Give your mosque interior a sophisticated touch with our contemporary and traditional style sisal carpet for mosque. Our plush carpets will add serenity to your space, providing you with a calm and cozier environment to offer prayer. We offer all design for masjid carpets to choose from:

Turkish Carpets

Afghan Carpets

Persian Carpets

Our Mosque Carpet Projects

Thick mosque carpet providing comfort during prayers

Our Mosque Carpets Are Manufactured with Premium Material

We provide you with the Masjid carpets in Dubai constructed from natural and synthetic materials. Our carpets with style distinction and sustainable construction will be the most valuable investment for the mosque’s value and comfort enhancement.

Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene

An Array of Colors

Sisal, Acrylic, Polyester

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Book Us For Fast Carpets Installation For Masjid in Dubai

Bring the timeless allure and comfort to your space of prostrations by hiring our passionate installers. Our dedicated team visits your space, analyzes and measures the area, and uses sticky adhesives for the seamless mosque carpets Dubai installation. Besides carpet fitting services, we provide:

Expert Maintenance Tips

Free Price Quotations

Mosque carpet with a seamless design for large areas

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The most common materials used for making mosque floor carpets are Wool, Polypropylene and Acrylic and oftentimes, their blends too. These fibers are prioritized because of their immense comfort provision, noise reducing properties, easy upkeep needs and greater cost-effectivity as well.

Mosque carpets are particularly made to offer more comfort, performance and longevity than regular carpets. Moreover, they have religious significance as well and are used for creating serene spaces for religious activities. Also, these carpets can withstand high foot traffic better than regular carpets. 

Yes, carpets for mosques often have specific designs, patterns and motifs. These generally include Arabesque designs, geometric patterns, interlacing lines, intertwining foliage, floral and lined prints. Other than these, mosque carpets can also have prayer niches for indicating the direction of praying.

Mosque area carpets can be cleaned in a number of ways such as vacuuming, machine washing and hot water extraction. Additionally, these carpets can be dry cleaned through dry cleaning agents or Baking soda, spot cleaned for stain or mark removal and disinfected through fogging machines. 

The most popular ones in this regard are hand knotting, spinning and weaving. Other than these, natural dyeing, designing motifs and additional embellishments are also important parts of making mosque carpets. For finishing purposes, these carpets are often trimmed, washed and sun-dried. 

The most common factor that impacts the longevity of mosque area carpeting is the level of foot traffic it receives. In addition, precision of installation, extent of maintenance and environmental factors can also have an influence on how long a mosque floor carpet lasts and how well it performs.