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Vinyl Carpets Dubai

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Explore Our Vast Collection Of Carpets With Glamorous Styles

Baniyas Furniture presents to you the trendy range for wall to wall carpets in Dubai. Our extensive variety includes carpets made from different materials featuring wool, cotton, velvet, polyester, shag, and polypropylene. Our finely manufactured carpets are damage-resistant.

Traditional Carpet Styles

Our vintage-style carpets with intricate motifs, patterns, and medallions.

Modern Style Carpets

We provide contemporary carpets with lively colors or minimal patterns.

Distinct Types

We Have Different Types Of Carpets Available At Our Store

Cut Pile Carpets

These carpets with cut yarn fibers give a distinctively beautiful appearance to your living spaces.

Loop Pile Carpets

You can buy wall to wall carpets for sale with uncut fibers from the top edges that are available in different colors.

Cut-Loop Pile Carpets

With the combination of high-cut fiber tufts, these carpets are perfect for spaces with a lot of activity.

Wall To Wall Carpets Dubai
Wall To Wall Carpets Dubai, UAE

Our Affordable Carpets Add Value and Comfort To Your Residencies

Enhance the worth, functionality, and overall scenario of your living spaces with our exceptionally resilient carpets. These carpets create the calm, quieter, and plush surfaces to walk, sit, and play over.

Long-Lasting Treatment

Pocket-Friendly Rates

Eco-Friendly Choice

Our Newest Collection Of Carpets

Wall To Wall Carpets Dubai, UAE

Some Benefits!

Know The Valuable Attributes Of Our Wall To Wall Carpets

Improve the overall ambiance and functionality of your spaces with our fitted carpets. You can get your hands on the diverse variety of carpet designs, colors, and styles as per the space layout and room aesthetics. Our carpets are extremely resistant to UV damage. They’ll provide:

Best Floor Seating

Noise Absorption

Heat Insulation

Wall To Wall Carpets Dubai, UAE
Wall To Wall Carpets Dubai

Elevate Any Area Style With Our Luxury Wall To Wall Carpets

To give any area of your residential and commercial spaces a renewed look, our wall-to-wall carpets are the ideal choice to settle for. You can embellish your living room, study room, and bedroom with our printed wall to wall carpets. In addition to that, you can add glamor or cozy appeal to your workspace multi-media rooms, conference rooms, or admin rooms with these carpets.

Book Us For First-Rate Carpet Installation Services

Spice up your interior decor with our quick wall to wall carpet installation services in Dubai. We have certified handymen to install the Stair carpets, creating cozier and safer surfaces to walk or play over. You can count on our services entirely because we take proper measurements before installations.

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Why Must You Prefer Us For Wall To Wall Carpets?

Baniyas Furniture is the premier destination to shop for luxury carpeting treatments to embellish your interiors. You can add comfort to your residential and commercial environments with our highest-quality wall-to-wall carpet.

Extensive Variety

Custom Options

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing wall to wall carpets, look for durable, heavy-duty, impact resistant, stain-resistant and low-maintenance options. Additionally, your chosen carpets must have an attached or separate underlayment and should be a complementing match for your interior(s).

Our wall to wall carpets Dubai are highly durable and resilient and they can easily last for a good 15 to 20 years. However, if you expose them to extremely heavy foot traffic, wear and tear and don’t practice good maintenance, you might need to replace them after 8 to 10 years.

Of course! Wall to wall or full-length carpets are the best floor covering idea. This kind of carpeting offers extreme comfort, interior beautification, interior insulation and energy efficiency. It helps you benefit from every inch of your floors and is a low-cost covering option.

Wall to wall carpets are preferable among homeowners due to the exceptional comfort and satisfaction they provide. They offer an affordable and presentable way to cover your floors, instead of investing in costly hard floorings and are greatly heavy-duty and durable as well.

Yes, wall to wall carpeting can be easily stretched whenever required. Additionally, this might be necessary to ensure a tight and flawless fit around obstacles like doors, baseboards or other objects. Power stretching and knee kicking are the two common ways to do this.

By all means! At Baniyas Furniture, you will get a range of affordable customization possibilities such as wall to wall carpet material, design, print, pattern, color, border motif and even backing personalization. Our professionals provide the most perfect and functional fit for your places.