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Vinyl Click Lock Flooring

Vinyl Click Lock Flooring

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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Luxury Vinyl Planks

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Vinyl Peel And Stick Flooring

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring

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About Our Excellence

We Provide The Finest Grade Vinyl Flooring In Dubai

And our vinyl flooring installation will radically and timelessly upgrade the ambience, usage convenience and value of all your properties.

Exceptional Build Quality

All our vinyl flooring ranges feature the finest construction, finishing and designing in order to make your interiors look maximally luxurious

Unparalleled Cost Effectiveness

This flooring treatment will be the value-for-money investment, a low-cost and low-maintenance home improvement and an excellent substitute to expensive floorings

Our Flooring Magic

How We Transform Your Interiors With Our Excellence

Free Quotations

In addition to free-of-cost quotations, you can also have consultations with us.

Prep Works

We measure, prep, occasionally demolish and treat your subfloors for the upgrade.

Floor Treatments

You will be able to enjoy your new luxury design of vinyl floors right away in Dubai.

best vinyl floor
vinyl floor

Why Invest In Our Best Vinyl Flooring Dubai?

For the quickest answer, it’s the most favorable and durable treatment for any and every residential and commercial interior. Besides, you can enjoy the aesthetics of literally every floor of your choice at a fraction of cost by investing in our luxury vinyl floors.

Plenty of design options (stone, wood, tile looks, etc.)

Inexpensive and effortless upkeep requirements

Extreme toughness against all damaging factors

Vinyl Flooring Dubai Designs 2023

Durable Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Versatile Treatment

Some More Perks Of Installing Our Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Flooring Dubai is one of our most wondrous and exceptionally advantageous floorings at Baniyas Furniture. This flooring is not just a really classy looking option to improve every interior but also is incredibly versatile; you can use it in every space, even moisture-prone ones like kitchens, bathrooms, shower stalls and laundry rooms for

Timeless Beautification

Highest Energy Efficiency

Noise Absorption

Notable Noise Reduction

Trendsetting Vinyl Flooring Dubai
Stunning Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Entrust Your Flooring Projects With The Renowned Vinyl Flooring Suppliers

This is to say that we provide you with excellent vinyl flooring installations in Dubai, in addition to the best quality floorings. Our flawless floor fittings will not just enable all the benefits of vinyl luxury floors for you but will also improve your property’s value like never before. Connect today to receive the finest and most affordable home floor treatments!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us will provide you with the perks of a cost-effective investment, improved resale value, comforting home improvement and personalized services. Our vinyl and Laminate flooring Dubai is a valuable, versatile and cost-effective treatment that will benefit you with attractive, easy-to-maintain, warm, and cozy interiors with a significantly healthy air quality as well. Vinyl flooring ranges at our platform are completely pocket-friendly and will serve you long-term advantages. Not to mention that you can obtain design customizations for these floorings too.

Customized Vinyl Floors

Flawless Installations

Waterproof Coverings

Realistic Looks

Reliable Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Some Appreciative Comments For Our Excellence

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Design Your Dream Home Floors With Us

It’s high time you transform your interiors with the everlasting allure and usefulness of our Vinyl Flooring Dubai. All you need to do is reach out to, discuss all your unique design visions and have them turned into a breathtaking reality by us.

Office Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Outdoor Floors

Vinyl Basement Flooring

Commercial Vinyl Sheets


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between these both floorings is vinyl flooring ensures maximum moisture-resistant while laminate flooring is comparatively carry minimal resistance properties. However, for a unique ambiance and warm floor surface, laminate flooring provides an extra padding layer with versatile options.

Choosing vinyl flooring offers a wide range of benefits such as scratch and water resistance, low maintenance and cleaning, and high floor durability. Moreover, it also provides high stain resistance.

Yes, higher durability and excellent water resistance make vinyl flooring a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchen floor covering. You can also save time as it requires very low cleaning.

Our vinyl flooring material requires very low cleaning and maintenance. By regular vacuuming and sweeping, you can keep it clean. However, for professional cleaning and maintenance, you can contact our team.

Yes, vinyl flooring is suitable for pets and children, as its slip resistance protects your pets and kids from slipping. While pets play, its scratch resistance keeps your floor surface scratch-free.

The high-quality vinyl flooring typically lasts 15-18 years on average. Moreover, you can also enhance its longevity and durability by proper cleaning and maintenance.