Top 10 Dinner Spots In Dubai

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Top 10 Dinner Spots In Dubai

Dubai is a city known for luxury and classiness regarding every single aspect of lifestyle, with entertainment reigning supreme of all. Speaking of entertainment, for a vast majority of folks, it is all about having good (or at best great!) food, whether in the form of quick streetside snacking or luxurious fine dining.

Since Dubai is a truly wonderful destination for entertainment and exceptional life experiences, it offers endless and extraordinary dining opportunities as well. From Michelin-star restaurants to cafes serving authentic Arabian cuisines, Dubai is meant to treat one’s taste buds in truly memorable ways. It’s high time you learn about how to make leisure moments amazing!

Best Dining Spots To Visit In Dubai

Feeling fascinated already? Read this interesting (and mouth-watering!) guide by Baniyas Furniture which will not just entertain you a lot, but will also make you well aware of where to head for delicious food, the next time you visit Dubai.

1- CÉ LA VI Dubai

CÉ LA VI Dubai

This Michelin-guide restaurant is located in Downtown Dubai and is well-known for offering all kinds of modern Asian delicacies and cuisines. In addition to the best dining experience, you can also enjoy watching the Dubai skyline along with lots of entertainment. It has a great Google Map rating and pleases its guests in multiple and memorable ways.

2- Trèsind Dubai

Trèsind Dubai

This one is a classy Indian restaurant and is situated in One&Only Royal Mirage. It offers incredibly unique and fun entrees as well as desserts. Here you can also enjoy a vast number of drinks, vegan dishes, and much more. Outdoor seating is also available and this restaurant will provide you with the best fine dining experience.

3- Maison De Curry

Maison De Curry is another amazing Indian restaurant and it is located in Souk Al Bahar. In addition to authentic and flavorful Indian cuisines, you also get to enjoy the breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountains here. Their major service options include happy-hours food, vegan dishes, and innovative takes on curries from across the globe.

4- BLU Sky Lounge Dubai

BLU Sky Lounge Dubai

Located in V Hotel Dubai, this restaurant is famous for offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine for an exceptional and deluxe dining experience. Along with the food, you can treat your eyes to the panoramic views of the city. Additionally, there are live music and dance performances too for a truly unforgettable experience.

5- Yara Jumeirah

Yara Jumeirah

Yara Jumeirah is a great recommendation for people looking for great seafood and mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisines are also available here. Other food options include Turkish-inspired breakfasts, vegan dishes, and premium shisha. The place offers amazing views of Palm Jumeirah along with great food.

6- Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The Sky

Situated in Skydive Dubai, Dinner in the Sky is a sophisticated seasonal dining spot amongst the restaurants known for offering exceptional dining experiences. This place has outdoor seating for enjoying eye-catching views while eating. Here you can get all kinds of vegan dishes and can enjoy eating at a whopping height of 50 meters.

7- Couqley French Bistro & Bar

Couqley French Bistro & Bar

This amazing French restaurant is a great recommendation for French Bistro Fare and desserts and you can enjoy dining in a completely cozy manner here. The menu offers great vegetarian dishes and you can also enjoy happy hour food. This restaurant is located in JLT Cluster A and has incredibly stunning interiors for an unforgettable dining experience.

8- Patriki


Patriki Restaurant Dubai is another mind-blowing dining spot to check out in Dubai. It is situated on the Palm Jumeirah and offers opulent outdoor seating to enjoy immersive views. Other than appetizing menus containing European and Mediterranean cuisines, you can also enjoy live music and performances of local vocalists.

9- Varq


Varq is a famous Indian fine dining restaurant in Dubai and is located in Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on the Palm Jumeirah. Here you can enjoy authentic and sumptuous Indian cuisines along with contemporary touches and have the fun of eating in a breathtaking interior. Some dishes here also come with edible gold or silver leaves garnishing as per an authentic royal touch.

10- Jones The Grocer – Delta Jbr

Jones The Grocer - Delta Jbr

This restaurant serves foods from around the world and with unique Australian touches as well. Here you can enjoy amazing barbeque as well as vegan dishes and the place also offers outdoor seating. The restaurant is located in Bahar and is a great place for gourmet groceries and a range of flavorsome foods.

Other Noteworthy Aspects Of Dining Experiences In Dubai

Here are some more mind-blowing elements related to culinary experiences that you can expect in Dubai.

  • Dubai has literally every flavor to offer, ranging from local Emirati dishes to International cuisines and delicacies like French, Lebanese, Japanese, Arabic, Indian, Italian, and much more. All you need is some research and you can easily locate the best spot according to your taste.
  • Do try out local Emirati dishes for a distinctive experience and most of them are super budget-friendly as well. The best recommendations in this regard are Machboos, Falafel, Shawarma, and Luqaimat.
  • Given the opulence of the fine dining in Dubai, you must be prepared for the fact that good food will cost high. Though it doesn’t mean that everything is costly, instead you can find plenty of moderately priced yet amazing options as well.
  • For truly affordable eating, you can always check out local cafes, small eateries, and street food points which are meant to entertain you equally well.
  • If you prefer to drink, you’ll need to head to licensed restaurants and bars as only those serve alcohol. Also, be prepared to pay a lot for alcohol as it is heavily taxed, and make sure to conduct research beforehand to get to the right spot.
  • While there’s no particular dress code for casual dining, you might be required to dress in certain upscale ways for high-end locations.
  • Tipping is a good idea and a polite gesture to consider, although it is not mandatory. You can consider tipping up to 10 to 15% as per the custom for great services.

In The End

This was our take on the best dining spots in Dubai that are a must-visit and we hope that you enjoy every part of this write-up a lot. Great food is what makes every leisure activity delightful and when it comes to traveling, you must want to know about all the good eatery spots to check out, that too, before even getting there. And we’ve made this very task the easiest for you in terms of visiting Dubai and we assure you that you will find all the aforementioned recommendations both entertaining and helpful. Happy dining!

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