07 Ways To Stop Cats From Scratching Leather Furniture

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Ways To Stop Cats From Scratching Leather Furniture

Scratching furniture by cats is an age-old issue as they sharpen their claws on everything in sight. To keep their claws healthy and stretch out their muscles, it’s natural for cats to scratch leather furniture while playing. This issue particularly arises when you have inadequate scratching posts at your home. Leather furniture is a valuable investment and to keep its appearance sustained and upholstery damage-free, it is essential to take preventive measures.

Although it’s tricky or time-consuming, you can shield your leather furniture from sharp pet claws. Being a cat owner, you must be looking for the appropriate ways that help you in the prevention of your leather furnishing essentials. For your ease, we’ve come up with different ways to keep your cat from scratching leather furniture.

Clever Ways To Prevent Your Leather Furniture From Cat’s Claws

Homeowners can stop their cats from damaging their furniture by following the several effective ways that are listed down.

1. Offer A Variety Of Scratching Spots

Offer A Variety Of Scratching Spots

Baniyasfurniture.ae is the first measure you can take to prevent your cats from damaging furniture is to assess their favorite hangout joints. Creating a variety of alternative scratching spots at different locations in your living spaces provides cats a flexible posts to scratch other than leather furniture.

Introduce numerous scratch-worthy items while considering the selection of the right texture where a cat can wildly scratch. Cardboard or sisal scratching posts are the affordable options to settle for. Additionally, you can invest in small leather fabric pieces to attach to their scratching posts.

2. Place Scratching Posts Next To Furniture

Place Scratching Posts Next To Furniture

After you invest in the right-sized and well-constructed scratching item or post, first, divert the cat’s attention to it. To let your fur baby notice their designated scratching post, place it against or near your leather furniture essentials.

Over time, cats will start familiarizing themselves with their destined area to cuddle and use their sharp claws. The perfectly made scratching post provides them with extra resistance compared to your leather furniture elements.

3. Make Cushions Unattractive For Scratching

Make Cushions Unattractive For Scratching

Whether you have a leather couch or sofa, cats cannot resist falling in love with the leather Living room furniture elements. Even after the placement of multiple scratching spots, if you cannot stop your fur cats from sharpening their claws, you can make your couches and sofas unattractive.

This can be done by covering your valuables with unappealing clothes. As cats naturally hate sticky items, you can also use double-sided sticky tapes. Additionally, use sandpaper sheets, invest in aluminum foil, attach cotton balls with an unpleasant odor, and spray citrus-scented fragrance over your leather furniture items to keep cats away.

4. Make Cats Love Their Scratching Spots

Make Cats Love Their Scratching Spots

One of the best ways to keep cats at bay from your leather furniture is to train them properly to love their scratching spots. To make them obsessed with their designated spots, you can go for dangling a mouse toy on the spot.

Besides, you can sprinkle catnips which is a mint-family plant to make your cats feel good in their posts. Another added enticement in this regard to protect your leather seatings is to spray honey on their well-constructed scratchers.

5. Praise Cat On Not Scratching Leather

Praise Cat On Not Scratching Leather

Another positive reinforcement or act is to reward your cat for using its own scratching spot rather than your leather furniture. Whenever you find your cats sitting and scratching their designated scratching spots, give them something they like to make them feel rewarded.

After you praise them for behaving right while using their posts for scratching purposes, they will be encouraged to use them. The trained cats are perfect at doing what they are told to do, so, they will keep on grinding at their preferred place.

6. Give Your Cat A Manicure

Give Your Cat A Manicure

A manicure can be a clever trick to prevent your cats from scratching leather seating and cushions. Cutting your cat’s nails can be a desperate yet ideal measure to instruct your cat to not linger on your leather furniture.

You can trim the nails when the cats are still asleep in order to not draw their attention. When cats get used to touching their paws and trimming nails, they become comfortable about the whole experience. Also, you can make your fur baby wear artificial nails with plastic caps to avoid scratching using mild glue.

7. Use Cat Scratch Guard On Furniture

Use Cat Scratch Guard On Furniture

Lastly, you can shield your furniture from damage and shredding using protective covers. You can invest in a thick plastic cover to avoid scratches and other toilet accidents. Transparent covers are also available in the market that are specifically designed to withstand clawing.

Other than that, you can purchase fabric slipcovers that will serve much like a couch blanket for protection purposes and make your sofa look inviting again. Moreover, you can go for the adhesive scratch guard that can be stuck at any place where a cat usually scratches including the leather furniture of your home.

It’s A Wrap!

It’s natural for pets to scratch the comfy furniture elements whether it’s a fabric upholstered or a leather one. If your cat has this habit of sharpening their claws on your leather furnishings, you must first clean your sofas and chairs and invest in furniture protectors. This is the timeless and affordable way to keep your cat from scratching and shielding leather upholstery.

Aside from that, provide your kitten with various scratching spots near your leather furniture. Make your cat comfortable, and obsessed, and train it to love their scratching posts. Additionally, cut the nails of your pet and use a scratch guard on your leather furniture. Moreover, you can give your cats a manicure treatment to keep them away from scratching leather upholstered furniture.

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